Will Grier Draft Review

Photo Credits: Jerry Dipaola

Will Grier is one of the many Qb’s in this years NFL Draft. Some mock drafts have him going in the first 10 others later first round and some have him going in the second round.

I believe he will make a great addition to any NFL team that needs a Qb for the future. He has great decision making, knows how to read defenses, and +arm strength. He is here to win games, he is never hesitant of hitting the check-down when nothing else is given and can throw the deep ball accurately.

My one concern about Will is his ability to throw the ball down the middle of the field in a spot that only his receiver will be able to get it and not get decked across the middle. In college, his receivers have about 3-5 yards of separation from defenders so he can throw it pretty much anywhere. In the NFL 2 yards of separation is considered a lot. On that, down the middle throw, my concern is that he won’t hit the receiver in the right window and a Safety or MLB will pick it or hit stick the receiver. If he can fix that one thing I believe he has the upside of a Brady or Luck type QB.


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